The Big Woods Name

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As many of you probably already know “House 1” is where Big Woods began. I was 7 when we purchased it and remember the first time I saw it; I rode with my dad on curvy M Highway in our jeep with no doors. When we got there the things I noticed were the bunk beds and the rocking chairs. I thought that the rocking chairs were so cool and the whole time dad talked to the owners I sat in them. After we bought the house, bunk beds included, we stayed often. My mom got the first 3 seasons of Little House on the Prairie to watch as a family. Almost every night I would help mom pass out ice cream to us and we would watch an episode. We even got so into it that we bought the books just to stay at the house. During this time we were still brainstorming a name for our future business. We decided to use Little House in the Big Woods as inspiration. After consideration we dropped “Little House” and kept “Big Woods.”  The name paid tribute to our new love for the Little House series and fit right in with the Big M Marina and Campground which is next door. Big Woods 1- where it all started.

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 - Aubree

Rocking Chairs on the Front Porch


My sister and I in the jeep - 2017 (the summer we started Big Woods).