Favorite Thing in Big Woods 2

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I thought it would be fun to talk about my favorite part of each of the Big Woods houses.  We get a lot of comments from guests that they love that each house is a little different but they all seem to fit together perfectly.  It's kind of like they have their own personalities. 


My favorite part of Big Woods 2:


The bunk beds. Until we built this house I didn’t know they had a such thing as triple bunk beds. Seriously though, how can you not love having three different levels of bunk bed to choose from? Currently my favorite is the bottom bunk- with all the pillows. I love when my sisters get to hang out with all of our cousins in the bunk room.  Since there are six beds we have room for everyone. We climb in and tell stories, build forts and secretly listen to the grownups below us.  Another great thing about this house would be the third story loft which is next to the bunk beds. It is really unique. Although, as I get older, the ceiling seems to be getting closer to my head.


Bunk Beds



Ladder to the third story loft


Third Story Loft


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 - Aubree