8 places to check out while visiting Big Woods (part 1)

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We often get asked for suggestions of things to do from guests staying at Big Woods Cabins.  In this two part series I will share eight of my favorite.  Week one will cover four places with google links so that you can find them too.



8 Holiday Island Marina- I love leaving our dock and boating to Holiday Island. We typically surf or tube our way over there and then my dad stops to get gas. I love stopping to get an orange flavored push pop! Holiday Island Marina is known for having the cheapest boat gas in the area. It is in Arkansas, but is only 30-45 minutes leisurely by boat from Big M.  Holiday Island also happens to be on the way to number 7.





7  Beaver Bridge- After stopping at the Holiday Island Marina just keep going down the main channel to what my sisters and I call "the Jumping Dock". It is just a small swim platform that sits in the middle of the lake. We love climbing up the ladder and cannon-balling off the top. While there you can see what is known as the miniature Golden Gate Bridge. Our family loves sitting underneath the bridge and listening to the cars go by above. https://goo.gl/maps/Cda8LDu5ngGZU4Rt5




6 A little way after the Beaver Bridge you will notice that the water is turning a beautiful shade of blue and the breeze is much cooler. That means you are close to the Blue Spring and the water is FREEZING. The spring spills into the lake and the water stays in the low 60s. Our family will take friends down there, convince them to jump in and then the second they hit the water they immediately regret it and hurry back to the boat. My cousins and I have competitions to see who can stay in the cold water the longest. I am proud to say that I currently hold the Dover family record for 3 minutes.


PS: This part of the lake can be very shallow and depending on when you are visiting and the type of boat you have it may not be accessible.




5 After a long day boating and swimming our family heads to Casa Maya which is our favorite restaurant in Shell Knob. I always order a glass of lemonade and two enchiladas. The waitresses are friendly and the food is great!



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- Aubree