Favorite Things In Big Woods - Sapling

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My favorite part of Big Woods - the Sapling:

We bought this property pretty recently and I haven't spent as much time there as I have on our other properties.  However, I love the fire pit area and the flat yard. Back at home our yard is just one giant hill so it’s really nice to be able to toss around a football or play volleyball without having to chase it down a hill. Don't even get me started on riding a bike on our home driveway... On top of that at home we live in the middle of a forest with sticks and twigs everywhere. It is amazing when visiting the Sapling to be able to run around without having to trip. Yes, actually, I trip on sticks quite often. Finally the Sapling is home to the Big Woods murals which are amazing.  I enjoy seeing our guest's photos and like to take my own.  I especially love the fish mural.


Big Front Yard - There is an even bigger area in the back.


Big Woods Fish Mural

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 - Aubree