8 places to check out while visiting Big Woods (part 2)

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This is the second part of a 2 part series. 8 best things to do near Big Woods.


4 Roaring River State Park- Roaring river is about a 20 minute drive from Big Woods Cabins. Our family absolutely loves Roaring River. We have gone for picnics and hiked the trails. My favorite trail is Deer Leap trail because it has a breathtaking view on the top. You can view the crystal clear water below and see the fish swimming in it. Roaring River is also a fish hatchery and is full of all sizes of trout. There are more trout than you could ever count swimming in the area near the spring. The water is so clear that even as you walk along the river, you can still see the fish in the water.




3 Campbell Point Marina- I love visiting Campbell Point by boat. In my opinion it is the best ice cream in the area. Then there is the gift shop; I know that I have at least 3 shirts from the Campbell Point gift shop sitting in my closet right now. It is always stocked full of new and fun merchandise. It has a crazy amount of options for a marina: surf boards, pura-vida bracelets, home décor, all the things you forgot for your day on the lake and so much clothes. The outside is well decorated and full of photo opportunities with palm trees and comfortable lounge areas everywhere, this should definitely be a stop while at Big Woods. I should also mention that they have the best bathrooms on the lake- they are always clean and there is enough to not have a big line.







2 Beebe’s water slide- We actually went here a week ago. Beebe’s water slide is located near Roaring River and is fun for all ages. It costs $10 a person for an hour. You grab a mat, go down the water slide and then walk up the hill. It's simple and easy but is still really fun. Then there are $1 ice cream cones. Even if you don’t come to slide you definitely should come for the cheap soft serve ice cream. I know I said Campbell Point has the best ice cream, but you can’t beat $1.








1 Point 25- I don’t even know what is is about this place, but I love it! The path to the top is well worn and easy to see. We stop here almost every time we pass by. We even make the trip by Jet Ski to get only 1 jump in. If you change your mind while you are up there relax because you can climb back down. Make sure to check this out but remember that it is only accessible by water craft.




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- Aubree