We've Been Here Before

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From Dustin~  Before my wife and I got married we enjoyed a hobby of four wheeling. I had a jeep that over time we transformed into a wheeling rig. The Ozarks offer a great back drop to explore. The area around our cabin was quick to become our go-to place to wheel and explore. There is no better way to find out how much you love someone than to have them guide you along a sticky situation where a few inches and too much acceleration can make a big difference- or better yet put them behind the wheel and let you spot.  We survived those early outings and kept going back even early in our marriage.

Right along M highway there are many trails that weave through steep hills and drop off into deep caverns. The Mark Twain National Forest offers a lot to see for nature lovers. There are more trails than I can count and each is unique.  No mater where you choose to explorer you may see people riding dirt bikes, ATVs, side-by-sides, and of course jeeps!

As you come down M highway to Big Woods Cabin look from side to side to see the trails.