Favorite Thing in Big Woods 3

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My favorite part of Big Woods 3:


Obviously I love the windows. How could you not love the windows? After we bought this house we spent about 6 weeks working on updating it.  We would often spend the entire weekend staying at the house.  However one thing could not wait - the day of closing the first thing my mom did was flip the couch from looking at the stairway to looking at the windows. Almost every morning I would settle on the couch with a book and a mug of hot chocolate and read. Looking up from my book it really is amazing how much wild life I would see. I’ve seen everything from squirrels, many varieties of birds, foxes, and even deer through that window. Finally there is a little table under the wall of windows. It is the perfect spot for lunch, coloring or even a nice talk with friends. The view in this house is amazing and probably the reason this is our most booked house.


The View.


A table for memories.


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 - Aubree