Sounds of Summer

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Sounds of Summer

There are many different things that remind me of summer even on the coldest day. The taste of ice cream, the smell of sunscreen, the feeling of the sunshine on your skin and finally there are the sounds of summer. In this blog I will go over three of my family’s favorite lake songs. These are the songs I recommend for anything lake.  And if you’re feeling the winter blues this is the play list that will take you right back to summer on the lake.


“Pontoon” by Little Big Town

Everything about this song screams “Lake Life.” It’s the perfect song for relaxing and swimming. Our family has a funny story behind one of the lyrics. For the longest time my Memaw and I thought the lyric “Jumpin’ off the back, don’t act like you don’t want to” was actually “Jumpin’ in like the baptists, act like you don’t want to.” It took a while but after we learned the correct lyrics the song was 10 times better and now we also have a reason to laugh every time we hear it.


“Lovin’ On You” by Luke Combs

This is more of a fast, upbeat song. Right from the intro you can tell this is the perfect song for wake surfing, tubing, or just a ride out on the boat. According to our Spotify Wrapped, (A little video from our favorite streaming app that shows what our top songs were in 2022) we are in the top 3% of listeners for Luke Combs. He’s clearly our favorite. We listened to 1,062 minutes of Luke Combs in 2022 and our top song was Lovin’ On You. Trust me- this song gives the lake life vibe.


“The Reel Bass Pro” by Chris Janson

This is a lesser known song but it’s amazing all the same. It’s pure country and is one of my go-to wake surfing songs. It has an upbeat tempo and really fun lyrics. It’s more known for the fishing and hunting mentions throughout but our family loves it. The best lyric in the whole song is “Yeah that’s the real truck, duck, buck and Bass Pro.”  Although my dad likes the line- "Drop a line in the water, drop a bullet in the gun, drop a Mercury on a tracker if you wanna have fun." Since we live 20 minutes from the “grandaddy” Bass Pro I think that made us love this song even more.  We also got to watch Chris and his son perform this song live last spring at the World’s Fishing Fair.  We can’t wait to see Chris perform live again.


If you would like to listen to our family’s complete playlist, head over to Spotify and search “Big Woods Cabins Lake List” and you can follow or like our list. It was created by tera.dover and is 8 hours long. It’s just long enough for a perfect day on the lake. Most of the songs are upbeat, it covers many decades for all ages on the boat and is primarily country, classic rock and pop.


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 - Aubree